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Underwire vs. Non-underwire FAQs

  • Nov. 6th, 2007 at 12:40 PM
I get many questions and concerns from my customers who want to know about underwires. So, I have devised a list of FAQs that I think will be helpful to everyone.

1. What is an underwire?
An underwire is the rounded metal wire that outlines the bottom of the breasts, and is used to create comfort. Underwire is NOT the same as wire boning. Wire boning is other pieces of metal or plastic wire that run vertically either on the sides or throughout the abdomen area of an undergarment.

2. What does underwire do?
Underwire provides a rounded shaping of the breast, and is used in most styles of bras or undergarments. The underwire DOES NOT provide the only support in a bra.

3. If I try a non-underwire, I will have absolutely no support. Is this true?

No. The support in a bra comes from the elastic and material it is made from. This is why your old bras do not support you the way they did when you bought them.

4. My bra size is too big, I can't wear a non-underwire! Right?

Wrong. Actually, the bigger sizes can find a better fit without an underwire. As can smaller sizes.

5. My underwire is poking me, is that supposed to happen?
No. Your bra is either too old and worn, or is not fitted properly. If you feel that the underwire is still painful no matter what bra you are wearing, you should try a non-underwire. You may be allergic to the metal or plastic, or your skin is very sensitive. Keep in mind that you may also be wearing the bra too tightly or have not adjusted the straps! Try this before buying others or trying non-underwires.

6. The underwire of my bra is sticking away from my chest making a dent in my shirts. How can I fix this?
Make sure that you can be properly fitted, you are most likely in the wrong size bra. If you are fitted to the right size, and still have this problem, you may have to either adjust the straps on the bra, or try for a more supportive non-underwire bra.

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