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Soft cup vs. Molded cup

  • Jun. 12th, 2007 at 10:32 PM
What is the difference between the two?

Soft cup bras have a thinner, more flimsy material in the cup of the bra- whereas molded cup bras have shape and curve to them.

If you are planning to wear a t-shirt, fitted, or knit top- then a molded cup bra is more suitable. This type of bra gives you a smooth look, provides discreet coverage, is seamless, and gives more of a rounded appearance. Some BUT NOT ALL molded bras provide push up/enhance size.

If you do not feel comfortable in a molded bra, perhaps a soft cup is more suitable. Soft cup bras tend to be less discrete, though provide more comfort and a more natural breast appearance. They can be made with seams, or without.

Both bra styles can be found with or without lace, with or without underwire, strapless or non-strapless, and in various colors. Depending on your bra size, it may or may not be easy to find a bra with varied styles. For example, if you are a 42G and are looking for a non-wire molded strapless without lace in nude, it is VERY difficult as opposed to a 34C looking for a molded underwire push up with lace in pink. Unfair, I know- but most lingerie manufacturers mold their bra ideas on super slim models.

Soft Cup bestsellers

Wacoal bodysuede #85814

Wacoal awareness #85567

Molded cup bestsellers

Chantelle Signature #2596

Le Mystere Dream Tisha #965

Above all: Make sure that you are fit in the right size, you may need to change cup sizes while switching from a soft cup bra to a molded one and vice versa.

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